Phoenix: IDLE INDEX 

The Idle Index is an exhibition and online project featuring screensavers created by artists based in, or with links to, Leicester.

Screensavers have persisted as a common feature of digital devices long after their original purpose – to protect screens from burn-in – has become obsolete.

While some systems still utilise them for practical purposes such as security, they serve for most as a reminder of our own inactivity – acting as prompts to continue working, browsing, watching or shopping.

The Idle Index repurposes the screensaver to explore ideas of work, boredom, leisure and usefulness

Artists Gino AttwoodDan CowlamAnoushka GoodwinKhush KaliAshok MistryJas SinghAntonio Roberts and Kühle Wampe have been commissioned to make new screensavers for the 2020 edition of The Idle Index.

The screensavers work through our free browser extension. This is compatible with Chrome, and available through the Chrome Web Store.