Throughout the week of the summer solstice, Black Hole Club invites you to turn away from the sun and revel in the shadows. DOOM is a co-authoring of works for the longest day of the year, a guttural collective outpouring through performance, video and the testing of new propositions through practice and writing.

DOOM: Turn away from the sun

The End is Nigh!. Open your mouth, our feelings of UTTER DREAD, an echo of their immediate environment… structural DOOM, undoing DOOM, untimely and timely DOOM, nagging continuing reminding breathing shifting random thoughts that overlap in DOOM space. Liminality: a curse dressed up as a blessing. Pleasure. Doom as binary. Doom as grey. Doom as memories we can’t recapture. Does disaster travel faster than light?

The gnawing of daily despair. Doom is infinite. We bind doom into the fabric of our fantasies, into the construction of our daydreams. Paranoia 4.5Hz, Depression 6.66 Hz, Manic Rage 11.3 Hz. We want the body in states of metamorphosis, reflexive of doom being non-linear. What stays behind. All that is left after the catastrophe are the floating space pigs.

Minor, major and impending despair. I will send funny videos to my nephews and nieces who I love but who I don’t know what to say to anymore except, I love you here’s a funny video, let’s watch it on tiny screens together in the dark until our eyes go funny and we can’t get to sleep because of that blue light. We focus on minor doom as a coping mechanism for major doom. This has not been the darkest times, and I know that for a fact because the darkest times live within me.  Welcome the darkness, block the sun, and close your eye, dig the hole down into sodden earth, cut the rope tether staked in mud.

DOOM under the strawberry moon, DOOM forever.