Vivid Projects: Vivid Live TV

VLTV 010 | Kühle Wampe | DETHKWUEST

A (DEATH) meditation (for Samhain(proper)) on the idea of death (and the death of ideas (and the death of reality/capital))

The fuzz (of interference (crackle (morphological beast (oral transmission(Shape-shifting)chthonic)))old wives tale) of everyday KWUEST – for the last days of digital DARKAGE – NOFUTURE/NO REAL PAST/NO OBJECT/

The material is dead/Words of flesh and slime/DUNGEON DREAMS

A digi-offering to the underworld /Trapped in outdated TV-TRANSMSSION FORMAT

Cyber-STYX incryptION

Watch narrative die over and over for ur viewing pleasure


DETH is not the end