\\Kühle Wampe is a contemporary art collective, a shambolic amorphous blob, whose members are based [IRL] between Nottingham & Birmingham, and URL @ The members of Kühle Wampe are Amelia Seren Roberts, Dinosaur Kilby, Craig David Parr and Joshua Heathcote. We aim to facilitate active contemporary [art]work to a broad audience. Kuhle Wampe ist here. Kuhle Wampe ist staying. We like it here.


Schüle Wampe is a subset of Kühle Wampe. We aim to use our Nottingham Contemporary Residency to open the institution to think about different models of education within the arts, facilitating links existing groups and resources. We aim to be like the Slime Mould, developing a decentralized, online information network – open to contributions for artists to access information guarded by institutions and present them in a format accessible to all. Drawing on the networks and organic [slime]] networks, drawing parallels with the underground Nottingham cave network. [[Kühle Wampe as facilitator, that links up already existing components]].